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Insurance Referral Policy

  • Many insurance plans require a formal referral for your visit to a specialist. Your PCP office will issue the referral so services can be paid. Most insurance plans do not allow back-dated referral, and most Primary Care offices are unable to back date any referrals in electronic systems.


  • Obtaining the referral is the patient’s responsibility under your contracted agreement with your insurance company. It is crucial that you contact your PCP to obtain a referral and to assure that a referral has been issued and received by our office prior to your appointment.


  • If you arrive for your appointment and do not have a referral on file, you will be required to sign a waiver and risk that the cost of your services will not be covered by your insurance and will become your responsibility. Should you choose not to sign the waiver, our providers may not see you for your scheduled appointment.

Please do not request a referral on the day of your scheduled appointment.

The referral process is labor intensive and it may take several days to obtain referral authorization.

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