Financial Policy

​Rheumatology Associates of Baltimore (RAB) is committed to providing quality healthcare in a cost effective and ethical manner.  To that end, RAB has formalized policies for the practice and our patients surrounding financial processes. 


  • It is the policy of RAB that patient responsibility, in the form of copay, co-insurance, or account balance, is collected at the time of service.  For patient convenience, we accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover cards, as well as cash and checks and health savings account payments. 


  • Our Physicians and Nurse Practitioners are participating providers with Medicare and most major insurance plans.  As such, we will file all claims with insurance carriers directly, but require collection of co-pays and account balances at the time of the visit.


  • For certain procedures and services, RAB provides estimates of patient financial responsibility prior to initiation of the treatment. 


  • If a patient has a question or concern surrounding out-of-pocket costs, we encourage communication with our billing staff for assistance options and or payment plans.


Co-Pays and Point of Service Collections

Our front office is required to collect co-pays and request payment for outstanding account balances at the point of service. If an outstanding balance is greater than $100, patients are required to pay a minimum of 50% of the balance due unless prior arrangements have been made with the billing office. 

If a patient arrives for their visit unprepared to pay the outstanding amount, the patient must speak with a representative from the billing staff.


To avoid third-party collection agency involvement, we encourage patients to communicate any financial difficulties to our billing staff.